The calendar can be filled with duties with the task module. Employees can write tasks in the calendar for themselves and also for others (if they have the relevant authorization).  

How can I test the task add-on?  

Click on the Papershift logo on the top left-hand side → select "Upgrade" → here you select "Papershift tasks and appointments"

How can I add tasks into the calendar? 

Click on "Calendar" on the left-hand side of the menu, then click the "Tick" on the top to switch from shift mode to task mode.

You can then click on the respective day and enter the task:

There is also a recurrence option (click on "No recurrence" on the bottom left-hand side) to edit the recurrences: 

How can an employee be assigned to a task?

After the task has been created, click on the employee on the left-hand side in the list; you can now click on the tasks that he should complete.  

Task mode and the browser clock:

If you use time tracking via the browser time clock and simultaneously the tasks, then the tasks for the current day are displayed for the employee when clocking in.
The employee himself can edit the specified time of the tasks via the blue gear icon and document the time spent working on each task.

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