Is a work area missing while planning? Should shifts belong to a specific work area?

The work areas can be created in different ways.

Option 1:

Click on the arrow next to "work areas" in the upper right corner of the calendar → in the white field enter the name of the work area → hit enter.

Now the area is created and all employees are assigned to this work area. If a shift is created, the area can be selected immediately.
The areas can also be created directly in the time tracking index (clock), in the absence index (sign with heart) and in the employee index (red tie).

Option 2:

If not all employees are supposed to be added to this work area, the area can also be created in the settings.

Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner (Location settings) → on the "Scheduling" tab → under work areas → click on the green button "Add work area" → enter a name  → Save

You can also specify which employees are to be assigned to this work area.

The area can then be assigned its own color. Click on the blue gear icon in the area and select the color.
The areas are first sorted numerically and then alphabetically.

ATTENTION: If a color is selected, it is dominant! The standard colors red if shifts are not filled and green if enough employees are assigned are now only displayed as a colored frame around the shifts.

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