You can set availabilities in Papershift. This way you can show the roster planner which working hours suit you best. You can still be scheduled outside of the availabilities.

Simple availabilities

Click on "Availabilities" on the top in the calendar view → now click on the respective time for the day on which you wish to record the availability

Now drag the marker of the availability down to the time at which the availability should end. Repeat this step for all the days on which you wish to set availabilities.
Upon assignment, the Admins can now see your recorded availabilities.

Set availabilities in the calendar view

Recurring availabilities

To set a recurring availability, you do the same as with a simple availability. The difference is that you set a recurrence in the settings of the availability.

Creating a recurring availability

To do so, click on the respective availability → you can now still edit the start and end times and then click on "Record recurrence" to record the same.
You can specify a period (daily, weekly, etc.) and an interval here. 

EXAMPLE: If the period is set on "Weekly" and the interval is set to "2", this means that the availability recurs every two weeks for the selected days.

With the start, you specify on which date the first availability should be recorded.
With the weekdays, the days on which the availability should be recorded is specified.
If you want the availability to always repeat itself, just place the tick at "Ends– never".
The recurring availability is recorded with the respective settings by confirming with "Create".

NOTE: An employee can still be assigned by the Admins even if any availability has been recorded. 

Generally, employees without any stored availabilities are marked as available. If only one availability is recorded for the week, the employee is not available on the other days.

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