For the vacation request of an employee to be confirmed, the annual holiday entitlement must be allocated first.

You can get there by clicking on the employee under the red tie (employee) and then select "vacations".

You can now see the whole holiday entitlement if it is already on file.The overview shows all the vacation days, the used vacation days, the carried over vacation days, as well as the vacation days left over.

The same is listed for the current annual entitlement.

The vacation days are normally calculated in days (conformable to law).
If the vacation of this employee is not to be calculated in days, but in hours, then please place the check mark at: "Current: In days".

NOTE: This is then no longer conformable to law. 

Creating a holiday entitlement

To allocate a holiday entitlement to an employee, click on the button "New holiday entitlement".

The following window will now open:

  • Name: any name can be entered here (e.g. "Annual holiday 2018")

  • Start: the date from which the holiday entitlement should take effect.

  • End: the date from which the holiday entitlement expires.

  • Lapses after expiration: if this is selected, one has the option to "Transfer remaining entitlement". You can transfer the holiday entitlement into a new section, which will then be marked with an expiration date (expiration date of the transfer)

  • Vacation days: this input field is where the actual holiday entitlement is entered in days.

  • Save: applies the holiday entitlement.

NOTE: If the expiration date is entered for the holiday entitlement, please take note that the transfer only takes place on 01/01/ of the following year. 

If one wants to confirm the vacation period for January (of the following year) in December, the vacation days are deducted from the annual entitlement of the following year and not from the current entitlement.

The reason for this is that the entitlement can only be used until 12/31/. All the days not used up until then are only automatically transferred on 01/01/ of the next year and can then be used for the following year.

Manual transfer 

If the employee is, for example, not taking any more vacation in 2017 and still has left over vacation days, a manual transfer can be done.

To do this, click on the yellow arrow at the annual entitlement for 2017. The remaining days will then be transferred to 2018.

The word "Transfer" will appear in front of the annual holiday for 2017; you can then see where the vacation days come from.

The remaining vacation days for 2017 can now be taken in 2018. This means that holiday requests for January 2018 can now be offset with the entitlement from 2017.

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