After release 19.7 had some internal improvements we added following new features and bugfixes with version 19.8:


Improved calculation of half public holidays

Before the release, we cut the target hours for half public holidays in half which results in having 0 absent hours for the public holiday which led to calculation problems for absence hours. With release 19.8 the target hours will stay the same now and half of the target hours will be set as absent hours.

Improved navigation to own profile as an employee

When you are logged in as an employee you have now the possibility to access your own profile with just one click. To do so you just have to click on the second icon from the bottom in the left nav-bar.

Improved editing of time tracking

When any time tracking is edited the name of the employee which is related to this time tracking will be shown in brackets on the right beside the headline of the editing window.

Optimized left nav-bar for employees

To make the navigation of the left nav-bar more easy for the employee we removed the dashboard from it and moved it to the menu of the account settings.


  • Fixed a bug for tooltips, where the arrow of the tooltip overlapped the text when the browser zoom step has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug for some interface elements in employee profiles under availabilities. There the background of the buttons above the calendar wasn't transparent which led to a bad looking user interface.
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