Besides some internal improvements, we focused this week on bug fixing. Following Bugs have been resolved:




  • Fixed a bug, where the chat window was overlapping buttons in the mobile view of the browser app.
  • Fixed a bug, where the timezone of Berlin was applied to all newly created accounts, no matter if the registration has been done from a location in Germany or not.
  • Fixed a bug, where shift specific breaks haven't been saved properly.
  • Fixed a bug, where the validation of the birthday date format of an employee didn't work properly.
  • Fixed an API bug, where it wasn't possible to return an employee via the API when the external user ID has been used in the request.
  • Fixed a wording bug, where the text of the number of employees hasn't been updated properly in the booking form.
  • Fixed a bug, where appointments which last a whole day weren't displayed correctly in the calendar when the hourly view has been used.
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