Workflows expanded

You can now set up a new workflow of data type "Employees". We also improved the already existing data type "Absences" with a new rule and additional placeholders.

  • Data type "Employee": With this data type you can create workflows that are related to the creation and update of employees.
  • Data type "Absences": For this data type you can now set a rule which triggers the start/end of an absence. Additionally you can now use new placeholders that return the affected shifts or the employee name of the absence.


Adjusted the default setting of the assign automatically feature

The sort order for applications of employees is now set on the top of the list for the assign automatically function as the new default setting.


UI/UX for the whole software

With version 20.0 we implemented a lot of UI/UX improvements for the whole software. Following changes have been implemented:

  • New buttons/icons for the whole account (locations and account level).
  • Improved tooltips for the absence, time tracking & employee index site.
  • Replaced the + button with a proper button to make those actions clearly visible.
  • When doing drag & drop of shifts, the shifts get now unselected when the action is done.


UI/UX improvements for employee accounts

We also implemented the following improvements regarding UI/UX for employee accounts:

  • A running time tracking is now easily visible by a green dot.
  • The remaining holiday entitlement is now shown in the left navigation bar.
  • The over/minus hours are also shown directly in the left navigation bar.


API improvements

With this release, we improved the API regarding time tracking via actions. It is now possible to get those actions via an ID. Furthermore, you can now list all the actions for a specific time period.


Improvements for the English localization

In the whole software, we improved the English localization regarding spelling, grammar and improved various text content in general.




  • Fixed a bug which caused the date picker for input fields to be shown although the date selection has been closed already.
  • Fixed a bug which caused several warnings showing up at the same time for availabilities when an availability gets created which doesn't fit the availability rules.
  • Fixed an endless loading bug when specific views get selected one after another for the calendar view.
  • Fixed a bug where the three dots above the roster disappeared for some views under specific conditions.
  • Fixed a bug for the API where an employee was assigned to a shift although he should just be applied to it.
  • Fixed a bug for the availabilities view where the messenger in the bottom right was displayed behind the table.
  • Fixed a bug where an employee could have two running time tracking when he has been added to two locations and the time tracking method for one location was set to browser time clock.
  • Fixed a bug where some shifts in the roster were missing when an employee has been selected and the option to show only his shifts were active.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip of a time tracking wasn't shown correctly when hovering with the mouse above the note icon.
  • Fixed a bug for the monthly roster where the tooltip was shown for a different date when doing a mouse over for a specific day.
  • Fixed a bug where the validation of the birthday field in the employee profile didn't work properly
  • Fixed a bug for the assignment window where two tooltips have been shown for the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the last archived working area from being deleted.
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