Current balance in calendar view

When doing a mouseover of the gear-wheel besides the employee name in the employee list of the calendar we now display the current balance from the previous day. With this change, you can easily see the correct current balance without any minus hours from the current day.


Edited comments will now be shown as such

When an employee is editing his own comment following hint will be shown beside the name: "(edited)". With this change, you can easily see, besides the system-notes, when a comment has been edited.


Archived/Deactivated employees in reports

Until now it wasn't possible to select archived or deactivated employees in reports. Those are now been listed and selectable in the employee dropdown in report settings.


Company logo for all calendar exports

You can now see company logos in all calendar exports when you have uploaded a company logo in the location settings.


Download attachments with one click

When you have attached a file to notes, you are now able to download it with a click on the paperclip icon directly. So you don't have to open the comments anymore.


Removed system notes from calendar exports

When you did a calendar export the system notes have been shown in the export together with the actual comments which made the exported notes hardly readable. With version 20.1 the system-notes won't be exported anymore to only view the notes in exports.


Removed tab for calendar notes in account-settings

Besides creating calendar notes directly in the calendar header it was also possible to create new ones via the calendar notes tab in account-settings. This tab has now been removed to reduce shown options and make the functionality only available where it is needed.


Adjusted rights of admin role

Until now an admin was able to edit and delete working areas but couldn't create new ones. To have consistency for this role, we removed the rights for an admin to edit and delete working areas.


Explanatory text for empty tables

When specific tables don't have any entries yet, like the public holidays in the location settings, we now show an explanatory text there. This should help the user on how to create content at that point in the software. In our case for example via importing new public holidays.




  • Fixed a bug where a long name in the message module lead to a display issue when the window to create a new message was open.
  • Fixed a bug where swiss VAT-IDs haven't been accepted in the booking form.
  • Fixed a bug where the blue application dot didn't disappear when the employee was assigned to another shift for the same time.
  • Fixed a bug for the monthly calendar view, where the absence information was displayed on a wrong day when doing a mouseover for another day.
  • Fixed a bug where a svg file format could be used as a profile picture although the file form isn't supported.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip for a recurrent assignment wasn't shown in the occupancy window.
  • Fixed a bug where an absence wasn't shown for one filtered day when the absence wasn't lasting for a whole day.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible anymore to archive an employee when his time tracking method was set to "via roster" when this employee was synced with a mobile device before.
  • Fixed a bug where Tags of event time tracking couldn't be edited anymore afterwards.
  • Fixed a bug in the reports where a custom set date lead to an error when the report was saved.
  • Fixed a bug where the button to deselect marked shifts was not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in the calendar header where the absence information wasn't shown at the correct place when clicking on the red dot.
  • Fixed a bug where the time tracking view in an employee profile was displayed wrong when the employee has been deactivated.
  • Fixed a bug for a follower mail where the signature wasn't displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for admins to see more data then they should of other employees when they switched to the employee view.
  • Fixed a bug for workflows where the placeholders haven't been displayed correctly when doing a mouseover of available placeholders.
  • Fixed a bug where the external ID of an absence wasn't set when the absence has been created via the API.
  • Fixed a bug for employee accounts where the green dot for a running time tracking was not shown when the employee stamped in via the browser time clock.
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