Overhaul of the left navbar

Besides visual improvements regarding the size of the icons we also adjusted the position of those and improved the structure of the left navbar. Furthermore, you are now able to access the reports and the employee/admin view switch directly. We also combined the account and location settings in one sub-menu.


Improved English localization

For locations/accounts in English we implemented further improvements for the localization and implemented a proper translation for the following spots in the software: employee profile, different e-mails to employees, messages and employee overview, example import files.


New public holiday for Germany (federal state "Thüringen")

For the federal state "Thüringen" located in Germany, we implemented the new public holiday "Weltkindertag". When importing the public holidays for this state, the new public holiday will now get created automatically for the 20th of September.




  • Fixed a bug in the roster where the red dot of an absence in the calendar header was displayed wrong when doing a mouseover. This only occurred for the safari browser.
  • Fixed a bug for the time tracking overview where the signature icon of a time tracking wasn't shown when an employee uses signatures for stamp actions via app.
  • Fixed a bug for the working area and tag dropdown where a dot appeared several times when a working area or tag has been disabled although the dot should just appear once per dropdown.
  • Fixed a bug for location templates where shift breaks haven't been copied properly to a new location although the option was set.
  • Fixed a bug for employee accounts where the own name was shown when editing a time tracking.
  • Fixed a bug where an error message was shown during the booking process when only the employee number for the current package was adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug for the booking confirmation mail where the payment cycle was always shown with "monthly" although a yearly payment has been set.
  • Fixed a bug for a recurring task where one single deleted task was created again when the whole recurrence has been edited.
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