Submit Button for comments

Before the release, the user was only possible to send comments via pushing the enter button. To avoid confusion about how to send comments we implemented the "Submit" button which sends the comment as well.

Added word wrap for tags in Export of type "List"

To get a better overview of tags for the calendar export "list", we implemented a word wrap for each tag in the export. With this change, you get a better overview of tags for each shift even when you use a lot of tags for a shift.

New public holiday "Tag der Befreiung" for Berlin

For Berlin, we implemented a new public holiday for the 8th of May which is called "Tag der Befreiung". This public holiday can now be imported via the public holiday import in the location-settings.

Rename of tasks to events

In most areas of the software, we have been using tasks in some other events. To have consistency there we renamed all the wording for tasks to events.

Icon adjustments for tasks and availabilities

In the admin view, we adjusted the icon for events to not using the same icon as in the employee view for availabilities. Additionally in the employee view we improved the icon for availabilities for a better look in the left navigation bar.

Adjusted position for the time tracking confirm button

To improve the usability of the index page for time tracking a bit we switched the position of the button to confirm a time tracking to the end of the row for each time tracking.

Optimized the follower suggestion list

When you add or remove a follower to a comment we now update the list position of possible followers during editing. With this improvement you can quickly add all the followers you want one after another.

Improved UI/UX for holiday calculation method

In the employee profile tab "Vacations" we had a checkbox which changed the calculation method for vacations from day to hours. To have a better UI/UX here we implemented a gear icon in the top right which shows both options (hours & days) and highlights the currently selected one.

Automatic assignment: feedback when having an empty calendar/employee list

When you use the automatic assignment while having an empty calendar or an empty employee list a hint is shown why the automatic assignment was not triggered. Before this release the automatic assignment was performed and didn't have any effect because no shifts or employee has been shown.

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