Automatic assignment: ignore target hour limit

For the automatic assignment, you can now enable the option "Ignore target hour limit". When this is enabled and the automatic assignment is triggered the target hours of employees are not taken into consideration during the assignment process.

UI/UX improvements

With version 20.5 we implemented some improvements to the usability and the user interface. In detail we changed the following:

  • The "Show" button for the tag dropdown is now centered.
  • All links/buttons to the dashboard have been removed.
  • The date format when saving/confirming an absence is now shown in the right format. Previously, the date format switched to the format of how it was saved in the database during those actions.
  • The checkbox for displaying system notes in comment windows is only being shown when the booked package includes system notes.

Improvements for employee accounts

With this release we also implemented the following improvements for employee accounts:

  • Text in the calendar view to show the current rights and text "ROSTER" has been removed. We are currently working on a better solution to show the employee rights for this view.
  • The wording "Area" and "Filter" for the column headers below the roster have been replaced by "Working area" and "Tags".
  • The user interface for the assignment modal for employees has been improved.
  • The button in the left navigation bar which links to the dashboard has been removed.
  • The button "..." which was also shown in the left navigation bar is just shown when there are additional apps available.

Language settings at account level

In the account settings, under the 'General' tab, there is a new option which allows you to choose the language for the account. This will be used when a new location is created, for example. This setting does not affect the chosen language in the location settings or in the employee profile.

Emojis for employee names

With the help of an emoji picker, you can now add emojis for employee names.

Email in data profile "Contact"

In an employee profile, you already see the email together with the phone number in the data profile "Contact" although we don't show the email on account level in this data profile. To have consistency there we also added the email to be shown together with the phone number in the data profile "Contact" in account settings.

Display of row "Vacation bans" in absence calendar

In the last row of the absence calendar, we always showed the row for the vacation bans, no matter which package has been booked. To avoid confusion here we only show this row together with all the other vacation ban functionality when the professional package has been booked.

URL format for employee profile

In order to have a consistent URL format, we adjusted the URLs for the employee profile. The following format is now used:

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