Redesign of the absence calendar

The user interface for the absence calendar has been improved to achieve a consistent look together with the roster. We also improved the usability, particularly making months and dates are more apparent.

Improved interface and usability for employee accounts

With version 20.6 we implemented the following improvements for the employee view:

  • The headline "Your shifts" and the text "Assignments" below the roster has been removed.
  • The text "Day" in the assignments table header, below the roster, has been replaced with "My Assignments".
  • The assignments table is now shown in the same format as the shift trading table below.
  • The tooltip "View my events" above the roster is now displayed correctly. Before version 20.6 it was shown behind the left navbar.

Rest period in assignment window

The assignment window shows now a "zZz" icon beside the employee name when they would have the required rest period between shifts. The rest period time can be set in location settings and in the automatic assignment window.

Small adjustment for the tag dropdown

The "Without Tags" option in the tag dropdown is now in the same format as the other tags which have been created by the user.

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