After we released some internal improvements with version 20.7, we implemented the following features with version 20.8:


Employee export improved

For the employee export, you can now use a new export option for the current balance. In the export settings, you can now set up a cut-off date for the current balance. The export will then be created with the current balances for that specific day for each employee. When you don't set a date, the date from yesterday is used as a default setting.

Improvements of the popover menu in the left navigation bar

The popover menu has been improved with the following features:

  • The dropdown menu for the location selection will now be hidden for employees when those have just been assigned to one location.
  • The size and alignment have been optimized for text and links.
  • The links to access your profile has been removed for employees because we implemented a one-click solution for that in the left navigation bar already.
  • When you switch as an admin to the employee view we now show exactly those buttons an employee would see.
  • A link has been added for quick access to the location overview.

English localization improved/implemented

For several spots in the software, we improved the localization and implemented a proper English localization where it was missing. On the signup page, for example, we improved the placeholder text for the input fields and on the time tracking page we implemented the English localization for different alert boxes which can be shown.

Preselection of the working area for time tracking

With version 20.8 we now show the working area with which the time tracking has been created. Before the release, it could happen that another working area has been preselected when editing a time tracking. This could just happen when only one working area has been selected in the top navigation.

Table alignment for assignment and shift trading has been optimized

In employee accounts, we optimized the alignment for the shift trading and assignment tables below the roster.

Phone number validation of general settings on account level

The phone number which can be added on account level in the general tab will now be validated when the data is saved. When you would use letters for example in the input field an error message would be shown.

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