iCalendar Export for employees improved

Until now the iCalendar Export in employee accounts was located directly above the roster. With this release, we moved it to the other export settings in the top navigation bar.

E-Mail validation expanded

To avoid the wrong input for E-Mails, we improved the validation for the mail address. An E-Mail address won't be saved any longer for example when it starts with "\" at the beginning.

Improved localization for English & German

We are continuously working to improve the localization in Englisch and German. Therefore we implemented the following improvements with version 20.9:

  • The English spelling has been improved in general for different views.
  • For the bookable package overview, you see now the English contact phone number directly.
  • The format for required employees of a shift has been changed to "X/X".
  • The text "Support-ID" in the popover menu of the left navigation bar has been replaced with "Account-ID".
  • The placeholder for the employee search in the calendar has been shown in English for German accounts. This has been fixed now.
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