After version 21.0 was implemented with some bigger code changes, the following features will be released in version 21.1:


Improved PDF export of payrolls

A PDF export of payrolls will now be exported on one page when the period time of the payroll is one month or less.

Business and amount of employees on account level

On account level, in general settings, you can now define the business and the number of employees. This doesn't have any impact on the booked packages and is just used for information purposes.

Availabilities for employees via the calendar

The availabilites for employee accounts have been moved to the calendar. There you have a new button in the top navigation which opens the availability overview.

Adjustments for public holidays in the UK & Ireland

For the UK and Ireland, we removed easter Sunday as a public holiday.

Localization improvements

For the English language we implemented the following improvements:

  • We adjusted some tooltips in the left navigation bar for employee accounts.
  • Text in employee profiles for an empty time tracking page has been adjusted.
  • Text on event time tracking page has been adjusted when no entries are available there for the selected period time.

Additionally, we adjusted the text for deactivating a working area for both languages (German and English) in location settings for a better understanding.

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