After Release 21.2 & 21.3 contained only smaller improvements and some internal optimizations we summed up all the release notes up to and including version 21.4 here:


Time tracking export of deactivated working areas

You can now export time tracking of deactivated working areas by enabling a new checkbox in the window for time tracking exports.

Expandable note input fields for shifts

The input field for shift notes can now be extended by clicking on the triangle in the bottom right corner of shift notes and moving it up or down.


In English we implemented the following improvements:

  • Translated an error message which occurs when the role of an employee was changed who is synced with the app and has admin rights.
  • Optimized the content of various mails regarding spelling and the date format.
  • Implemented some missing localization.

In German following improvements have been done:

  • Fixed a misspelling for a recurrent payroll in the employee profile of the payrolls tab.

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