Employee applications in resource view

With version 22.2 you can now see applications in the resource view of the calendar. This option can be enabled via the new checkbox "Show applications in resource view" in location-settings under tab "Scheduling". You can also open the shift assignment window in this view by clicking on the shift application, there is no need to switch between views anymore for doing this action.

Adjusted tooltip for absences in the calendar header

Until now it was possible that the absence tooltip was hidden behind the left nav-bar or that it was shown out of the screen. We fixed this behavior with 22.2 to have all the absence information in the tooltip always visible to the user.

Improved user interface for time tracking window

To display the information of time tracking in a more structured way we improved the user interface for this window. Especially the header is better structured which helps to display further time tracking information better like the corresponding shift for example.

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