Improved localization

Following small changes have been implemented in English and German:

  • Implemented an English error message for shift breaks that overlap each other.
  • Improved the German text "Kalender-Synchronisierung" in employee profiles.
  • The email for resetting the password is now being sent in the correct language (German or English).

With this release, we improved the resolution for company logos which are for example used in calendar exports. Before this implementation, it could happen that the logo was shown a bit blurry. Important: If you are using the company logo please reupload your logo in the location settings.

Before this release, it could happen that the text for dropdowns overlapped the dropdown arrow. With this release, the dropdown text will be truncated that the arrow is always shown.

Employee names with emojis

For the Chrome browser it could happen that in the calendar view, employee names with emojis were shown twice when creating a new one. This has been resolved with version 22.4.

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