Time tracking via Station-App

Time records created with our mobile Station-App are now correctly displayed in the column ‚ÄěRecorded by" with "Station-App". This applies to Android devices as well as iOS devices.

Adjusted the column

Info regarding "Reports" add-on

More information regarding our reports module

For customers who have not booked our "Reports" add-on, we now provide more information within the account. We have also simplified the booking and testing of the add-on.

Bank Holidays for Luxembourg

Added Luxembourg to the import of bank holidays

We have added "Luxembourg" as another country for the import of holidays.


In addition to numerous improvements, the following bugs were also fixed in October:

  • Events Add-on
    Employees who are assigned to a shift are displayed as available in associated events. If the employee was subsequently removed from the shift, the note about availability in the appointment remained. This behavior has been corrected.
  • English localization
    The templates for wage types in English accounts were translated.
  • API
    Individual fields of work areas can now also be queried via our API.
  • Shift breaks
    We have introduced a validation that prevents shift breaks from being created outside the corresponding shift.
  • Core-Package
    For users of the Core-Package, settings concerning the duty roster have been removed from the settings.
  • Number format for English accounts (DATEV Export)
    For English accounts, decimal places in the DATEV export are now displayed in the format 0.00 instead of 0,00.
  • Available vacation days
    In the overview of remaining vacation days for employees in the left navigation bar, holiday entitlement from the coming years were also displayed. This has now been corrected so that only the holiday entitlement for the current year is displayed. This also applies to the displays in our mobile apps.
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