Indonesia in country selection

You can now chose Indonesia in all country selections

We have added the option "Indonesia" (ID) to all country selection menus:

  • in the data profiles
  • in the Account Settings → General → Country

Bug fixes

  • Emoji selection for employee names
    In the calendar view there is the possibility to change the names of existing employees by hovering the cursor over an employee in the employee list and then clicking on the gear icon. There the option to insert emojis was not possible before, we have fixed that now.
  • Core Package
    The options to reset the stamped in and stamped out times to scheduled time have been removed for customers with Core Package, because there is no duty roster in this package.
  • English localization
    We have translated the export of shifts for a selected employee. Previously the export was partially in German, even if the language was changed. Also, the description of the "extended rights system" was translated.
  • German localization
    An English warning was shown in case of overlapping breaks, we have translated this now.
  • Workflows: Order
    The order of the workflows in the location settings now follows the rule: first by status, then alphabetically.
  • Linking of employee profiles in the location overview
    In the past, you only landed in the corresponding location if you clicked on a specific employee in the location overview. From now on this click leads directly to the selected employee profile.
  • Workflow trigger: Tag count for time tracking
    In the past, the workflow trigger "Tag count for time tracking" did not return the correct number for all operations.
  • Workflow trigger: Resulting break time
    In the past, the workflow trigger "Resulting break time" did not trigger correctly for all operations.
  • Dashboard
    In the location settings → employee there was a remnant of our old dashboard. Since it no longer exists, the setting was also removed.
  • Workflow rule: Absence with a specific type confirmed
    If a workflow was created with the rule "Absence with a specific type confirmed" and the placeholder "{{affected_shifts}}" was selected, the warning was empty by mistake. Now the corresponding shifts are returned.
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