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Colors in the Calendar
Colors in the Calendar

For a quick overview Papershift works with a simple color system in the calendar view.

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In order to plan shifts efficiently, it must be possible to see at a glance where the demand is not yet covered. In this article, we explain what the colors in the roster mean.

Colors of shifts

Colors of shifts indicate if the set demand reached
  • Gray
    The shift is in the past. 

  • Green
    Enough employees have been assigned to this shift. When adding a shift, you can specify the demand for each shift.

  • Red
    Not enough employees have been assigned to the shift yet.

  • Yellow
    As an employee, you can apply for shifts. A yellow shift means, you have applied for that shift, but no admin has turned that application into an assignment yet.

Colors in the employee list

Colors in the employee list indicate if target hours are reached
  • Green
    The employee is still more than 5 hours off their weekly or monthly target hours and can still be scheduled if that doesn't exceed their target hours. 

  • Yellow
    The employee is less than 5 hours off their weekly or monthly target. Pay close attention, to avoid exceeding the target hours. For this purpose, there is a checkbox in the target hour options, so that exceeding the target hours is prevented.

  • Red
    The employee has already exceeded the target. Insofar as this has not been deactivated in the employee profile, the employee collects overtime with the next shifts.

IMPORTANT: The employee's hours are made up of the following: 

paid public holiday hours+ paid absent hours
+ duty rota hours on the current day
+ time tracking hours up to yesterday, or automatic hours from the duty rota
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