What do the recorded colors next to a shift mean?

  • gray: The shift is in the past. 
  • green: Enough employees have been assigned to this shift. When recording a shift, you can specify minimum assignment.
  • red: Not enough employees have been assigned to the shift yet. In this case, the assignment was set to 1 – no employee is currently assigned.

What do the colors on the left-hand side by the employee names mean?

  • Green: The respective employee is still 5 hours away from either his weekly or monthly target and can still be assigned to shifts, provided that the hours stay below the agreed target. 
  • Yellow: The employee is less than 5 hours away from his weekly or monthly target.Consideration must be taken for the employee not to exceed his target. For this purpose, we at Papershift have added a checkbox so that the exceeding of target hours is prevented.
  • Red: The respective employee has already reached his target or exceeded it. Insofar as this has not been deactivated in the employee profile, the employee collects overtime for the next schedule.

IMPORTANT: The employee's hours are made up of the following: 

paid public holiday hours

+ paid absent hours

+ duty rota hours on the current day

+ time tracking hours up to yesterday, or automatic hours from the duty rota

The benefit is that you do not have to do any extra work, since the planned hours are automatically totaled and deducted from the target hours. So, you do not need any kind of Excel template to manually record the hours.

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