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You can add absences once you have specified the holiday entitlement of your employees and all relevant absence types.

Click on the absences symbol on the left-hand side in the menu bar (shield with heart) β†’ now click on the "+" symbol in the top right-hand corner to specify a new absence β†’ now define the details of the absence.

NOTE: Confirming an absence deletes all time tracking and applications for the employee in the defined period.

Which details can you define?

  • Type of absence
    What type of absence is it (vacation, training, etc.)?

  • Employee
    To which employee does the absence apply?

  • Starts and ends on
    How long is the absence?

  • Notes
    Add some notes and attach an annex if desired

  • Corrected hours
    Do you want to correct hours?

  • Vacation days
    How many vacation days or hours do you want to schedule for the absence?

Now click on "Save" to apply the new absence.

NOTE: By clicking on the blue gear icon, you can edit individual absences retroactively.

All set!

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