All the time tracking of your employees is stored in the time tracking index.
New times can be created here and existing ones can be confirmed or edited her as well.


To enter the time tracking index click on the clock in the green navigation bar on the left. You can filter the time tracking according to employee, area or tag, timeframe, or status. Just enter the desired filter option in the respective field.

  • The number in the red circle next to the clock in the navigation shows you how many tracked times are currently still unconfirmed.

  • The number in the green dot shows you the amount of active time tracking.

Clicking on the blue button with the gear icon lets you edit a time tracking. You may confirm all the visible tracked times with a click on "Confirm all tracked times" or click on the green button next to a tracking to confirm a single one.

You can also create a new time tracking with the "+" button, for example, if an employee forgot to clock in.

Add time tracking

When you click on the "+" button at the top, a new window will open.

Add a time tracking

Here you can select the employee and working area of the time tracking and set the start and end time accordingly. You also have the option to add a break if the employee took their regular lunch break.

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