Time tracking index

The time tracking index is where all your employees' time tracking comes together.

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Here you can find both confirmed and unconfirmed time tracking of all employees of the current location. You can also create new time trackings.


Time tracking overview

In the overview, you can filter time tracking by employee, area or tag, and time range. Simply enter the desired filter option in the corresponding white field. In the upper navigation bar, you can choose between confirmed (circle with a checkmark) and unconfirmed (empty circle) time tracking.

In the navigation bar on the left, you may see two numbers next to the clock icon. The number in the green circle indicates how many time trackings are currently running. The number in the red circle indicates how many time trackings are still unconfirmed.

Edit time tracking

Use the blue button with the gear wheel to edit the respective time tracking. This is helpful if, for example, an employee clocked in too late, but you do not allow employees to edit a time tracking afterward. Here you can make such changes yourself.

Add time tracking

Add a time tracking

You can also use the + button to create a completely new time tracking, e.g., if an employee has forgotten to clock in. In the new window, select the employee, choose a working area, and set the tag and times.

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