via Browser-time clock

The browser time clock is especially useful if your employees use a computer for their daily work.

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If you want to record your employees' working times more precisely than just via the roster, you can select the option "via Browser-time clock". Employees can then clock in and out in their own profiles.

Set up the browser time clock

Click on the man with the suit and tie icon on the left-hand side of the menu β†’ in the column marked "time tracking" β†’ change the type to "via Browser-time clock".

Employees who have "via browser-time clock" as their method of time tracking will now see the time clock in the time tracking section in their profile.

Time trackings won't automatically be created from the roster for these employees anymore. Instead, they can click on "Start" when they start work, on "Break" when a break is taken, on "Continue" when a break is finished, and on "Stop" when they have finished work.

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