If you use our time clock app in your company, you can have all the actions of your employees confirmed with a signature.

To do so, go into the settings of the app by clicking on the gear icon on the top left-hand side. Now activate the option "Use a signature to clock in/out". You can return by clicking on the ← arrow on the top left-hand side.

Employees now have to confirm the action with a signature when their time tracking starts, ends, or when they take a break.

The home screen stays the same. Only the clocking process changes a little:

To begin, the employee clicks on his name as always and selects the desired action. A field will then appear, in which the employee can sign. He confirms the signature via the red icon with the tick.  He deletes the signature via the red icon with the broom. 

The app then returns to the home screen and the next employee can record his time.

The legal aspect: If an employee signs for the time tracking of another employee, this can lead to legal actions.

You can see the signatures on the web in the respective time tracking via the gray button next to actions. 

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