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Scheduling help: Work schedules
Scheduling help: Work schedules
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The "Work schedules" function can be used to save a rotating work schedule (e.g., alternating early/late shifts) and to assign it to employees. This is then displayed to the employee as an availability.

Work schedules are included in the premium package.

Applying a work schedule:

These schedules can then be applied to the various employees:

  • Just click on the name of the employee on the left-hand side of the calendar within a location

  • Now, select the red symbol on the right above the duty rota

  • In the new window, you can select the schedule plan, set the starting date, and choose the day of the work schedule on which the work schedule should commence.

  • Click on "Save" to store the availabilities for the employee; you can now see them directly in the calendar.

IMPORTANT: If you make changes to a work schedule, i.e. the availabilities saved for an employee profile, or if you set another starting day, the availabilities in this schedule are deleted and newly created.

Changing a work schedule:

A new work schedule will overwrite an existing one should there be an overlap between the two.


Schedule plan 1: Mon off Tue 9–10 Wed 9–10 starting from 01.10.

now, schedule plan 2 is imported: Thu 9–10 Fri 9–10 starting from1.11. and from 1.11. onward, the second schedule applies.

Previously entered availabilities or availabilities that were entered manually will not be deleted.

Use case: Automatically assigning the duty rota (available from the professional package and up)

Now, the auto-assign function can be used. After the shifts have been entered and the availabilities saved, the employees are assigned shifts following this work schedule.

You can do this as follows:

  • In the calendar, click on the three dots next to CW:

  • Then, select "Assign automatically"

  • The employees are now assigned to shifts according to the work schedules

By default, those employees without any stored availabilities are marked as available.

If desired, you can change this setting as follows:

  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom left-hand side and select "Location Settings"

  • The "Availabilities" section is located under the "Scheduling" tab

  • Remove the check for "Employees are automatically available if they haven't stored any availabilities for the displayed week"

  • The setting is recorded by clicking on "Save".

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