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Employee check-in

With our employee check-in, important information can be determined by the employee themselves upon first registration.

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The data profiles and individual fields can be used to set up a registration process that a new employee has to go through when registering on Papershift. This allows for important employee data to be saved directly in the Papershift system. The employee check-in is part of our HR add-on

IMPORTANT: The employee check-in cannot be used if the employee is already created in Papershift.

Activate employee check-in

Proceed as follows to activate the employee check-in:

Click on the gear icon on the bottom left-hand side → Location settings → in the “General” tab → you will find the option “Employee check-in” → place the tick and confirm by clicking on “Save”

The check-in is active now. You have the option of forwarding a generated link to your employees, who can then register themselves via this link.

You will find this link in the employee overview (red tie) when you press on “Invite colleagues” on the top right-hand side. The link can be found in the new window.

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