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In Papershift, you have the option of configuring an API to allow other programs to access the data from your account.

The account settings is where you will find the settings to set the API key. That means that you need Account Admin authorizations to make changes there.

To set an API key, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left-hand side and select "Account settings".

  2. Then click on the tab "API".

  3. You can set a new API key here with the + next to actions.

  4. The new key is stored immediately and is active. The default setting is for the key to grant read and write access.

  5. Highlight and copy the key to integrate it into the external software.

In the columns "Status" and "Access", you can always see which key is active and whether it has read and/or write access.

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