Area Admin:

  • The working area manager for all the working areas assigned to them
  • Receives email notifications about vacation requests from all users with the role "Employee" (from all the locations they are assigned to)
  • If the Area Admin requests a vacation, this is sent to the Workspace Admin via email
  • In the duty rota/calendar: no limitations
  • In the employee overview: they cannot add any new employees
  • In the employee profile: no limitations
  • In the absence calendar: they see all absences and everything else
  • See all time tracking  
  • Can send messages
  • Cannot change any default settings
  • Cannot delete, archive, or deactivate any employees

Workspace Admin:

  • Is the location manager
  • Can change the default settings of the location
  • Their vacation request is sent to the Account Admin via mail
  • Can add new employees
  • Vacation requests can be confirmed by the Workspace Admin
  • + all the rights of an Area Admin

Account Admin: 

  • Manages all locations
  • Can change the account settings
  • + all the rights of a Workspace Admin

Read this to find out how to assign the desired role to your employees.

Area-Admin, Workspace-Admin, Account-Admin
Areaadmin, Workspaceadmin, Accountadmin
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