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Planning employees up to the point of termination
Planning employees up to the point of termination
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Employees with expiring employment contract must still be available until the end date. And, it should of course not be possible to assign them to shifts after the end date. This way, the duty rota is only filled with employees who are really available.

To do this, proceed as follows:Β 

Click on the red tie (employee index) β†’ click on the name of the employee whose employment contract is expiring β†’ under the menu point target hours β†’ click on the + next to "Actions" to set a new target hours time period.

In the new window, specify as the start date the day on which the employee's contract ends.
Set the weekly hours to 0.
To ensure that the employee can no longer be assigned, place the tick next to "Target hours may not be exceeded".

Store the new target hours time period by clicking on "Save".

From this date onwards, the target hours for the employee now read 0; this number may also not be exceeded. The data in the duty rota will now show 0h/0h for the employee. If this employee is then accidentally assigned to a shift, the error message "...has reached the hourly limit" will appear.

The employee can now only be assigned until his last work day and, if you attempt to assign the employee, you will receive a note that the employee can no longer be assigned.

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