The calendar, the shifts, and the working areas, as well as the time tracking, can be customized a little. Custom fields can be added. This makes it possible to, for example, record client-specific data.

If you want to use the customize function, proceed as follows:

Click on the gear icon on the bottom left-hand side →  Location settings → you will find the area "Custom fields" in the "Customize" tab

You can set a custom field using the green + next to the respective areas (working areas, shifts, time tracking).
The data type here can be a text, a checkbox, a date, the time, or the country.

To give an example, we could create a field under the shifts with the name "Applications checked" and the "Checkbox" data type.
The created field can be saved and used via the green paper plane.
In the shift settings (white gear icon within a shift) in the calendar, we now see the checkbox, if the fields for tags and notes are not hidden.

The field can now be edited and the customized field can also be saved by clicking on "Save".

Examples of use cases

  • A checkbox within the shift with the title "Application considered": The Admin can use this function to see whether all the applications received from employees have been considered.

  • Several text fields with "Event", "Place", "Time": This is how you could, for example, record a catering event with the relevant information.

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