Time tracking - employee view
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Would you like to know how much you have worked so far in the current month?
Under "Time tracking" all your times are listed.

You can get to the time tracking index by clicking on the clock symbol in the navigation bar on the left.
On this page all times recorded in Papershift are saved. It does not matter whether they were recorded by roster, browser clock or app.
Active time tracking are marked with a green dot on the left to the corresponding time tracking.

At the top right you have the option to filter the times by working area, tags or time period.
In the standard view, both confirmed and unconfirmed times are displayed, but you can also use the two round buttons above the times to select whether only confirmed or unconfirmed times should be displayed.

With the + button you can create a time tracking manually at any time, if you forgot to stamp your times.
The blue button in the column "Actions" lets you edit unconfirmed times. With the yellow button you can add a note to the time tracking.

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