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The Papershift packages explained
The Papershift packages explained

A current list of prices for the different Papershift packages and add-ons can be found on our homepage.

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The price for your individual Papershift package depends on the number of employee accounts you need and the additional features you want.

For accounts with more than 50 employees, we offer individual prices.

You can find the current prices on our homepage.


For keeping hourly accounts

Vacation and time tracking

  • Time clock add-on

  • Vacation Planner

  • Digital timesheet

  • Qualifications

  • Digital personnel file

  • Archive


Duty scheduling and time tracking

Simple duty scheduling

  • Duty scheduling

  • Time clock add-on

  • Time tracking via roster

  • Vacation planner

  • Digital timesheet

  • Uploads

  • Qualifications

  • Digital personnel file

  • Archive


All the features of the Premium package & plus:

Automatic rostering for teams

  • Automatic duty scheduling

  • 13-week cut calculation

  • GoBD-compliant change log

  • Mass imports and exports

  • Employee-specific holidays

  • Vacation locks

  • Extended roles and rights system

  • Guest function


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