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Who will receive emails about absences?
Who will receive emails about absences?
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Absences include, for example, vacation, sickness, further training, maternity leave, etc. You can read about how to create new absence types here.

If an employee has submitted an absence, it automatically appears in the absences overview.

πŸ”” Notification

In addition, the admin with the next higher role receives a notification that an employee has created an absence.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive notifications at all, a check mark must be set in the employee profile under "Notifications" both for "Sending of messages active" and for "New or changed absences".

Hierarchy & Rights

If an employee submits a leave request, the Area Admin is notified.

It is important which working area the employee and the Area Admin have been assigned to. Assuming the employee is assigned to Area A and there is an Admin 1 with Area A and an Admin 2 with Area B, then only Admin 1 will be notified.

If an Area Admin submits a request, the respective Workspace Admin is notified by email. The assigned working areas have no significance in this constellation.

If a Workspace Admin submits a request, the highest instance, the Account Admin (e.g. company manager) is notified.

Also in this case the working area of the admins is not decisive.

πŸ’‘ Here you can read which rights & roles are available at Papershift.

TIP: The hierarchy can be changed using the extended absence rights in our "Professional Package". This function allows you to set who is allowed to view, create or confirm absences and for whom per user.

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