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Papershift Insights allows you to create reports based on different criteria. More in-depth scheduling and records of your own company are possible.

You can choose between, for example, employee data, working areas or locations, as well as, among others, target hours, planned hours and actual hours. These are then summarized and visualized.

Besides that, you can import and evaluate external metrics (for example, an Excel file of your expected sales per day), or even have them combined with other metrics.

The result is always a visual representation of the previously selected data, as can be seen here for example:

Example reports

  • Keep an eye on your goals:
    Sales/day and actual hours (hours worked)
    Sales/day and target hours

  • Track staff demand by displaying the overtime:
    Display of target hours and actual hours/working area

  • Fairness through analysis of work in unpopular shifts:
    Hours per shift with the tag "unpopular"

  • Moreover:
    Absent hours per working area
    Absent hours per day

You can get creative here :-)

You can find out how to create your own reports in this article.

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