Once the working areas have been set up, the next step is to create working times/shifts in the duty rota.

There are two different types of shifts:

1. Create individual working times/shift

Click on the "Calendar" symbol on the left-hand side in the navigation → then click on an empty field in the weekly view on the right-hand side. This should be the day on which you want to create the working time or shift.

Now the window in which you can specify the shift will open:

Select the working area, enter the minimum amount of employees for this shift, and specify the date and the start/end of the working time. Then confirm the shift by clicking "Done".

2. Create recurring working times/shifts

A recurrence is a normal shift that repeats itself in a cycle that you specify.

A recurrence can be set as follows:

Click on the "Calendar" symbol on the left-hand side in the navigation → then click on the white gear icon in an existing shift to allow you to edit it; or directly create a recurrence in a newly set shift. → Click on "Set recurrence" in the shift.

  • You can define in which cycle the recurrence should take place (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) under "Rule".

  • The span between the shifts is established when you set the intervals.

  • You define when the recurrence should start by specifying the date.

  • With the selection of weekdays, you can define on which days the recurrence should be repeated (with the period "Weekly").

  • To have the shift or working time run indefinitely, leave the tick placed on "Never". Otherwise, you can also specify an end date or an end after x recurrences.

NOTE: Your calendar will only show you the shifts up until one year in the future. However, the scheduling for weeks in the far future also runs in the background.

  • The repetition for the selected shift can be saved by clicking on "Create".

  • Once you have pressed "Create", the entire recurrence is now set and the system logs the specified sequence. This may take a moment.

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