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All settings that do not affect individual employees or the entire account can be found under the respective location settings. 

An overview of the general data tab:

The location name can be set here. Especially for chains or physicians with several clinics, you can enter the street name or number for example. It makes it easy to see which location is open.

You can also enter the associated telephone number here.

You can select the suitable time zone per location for Europe-wide or international accounts. Time zones can also be set for individual employees. (premium package)

The available languages to choose from are German and English. The language of the locations is then changed. This feature can also beset for individual employees. (premium package)

The employee check-in can be activated per location. If the option has been selected, employees can enter the desired data when logging in after being invited to Papershift.

Your changes will only be confirmed when you press "Done".

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