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Time tracking of the current month is by default listed in the employee profile.

If time tracking from the previous month or, for example, from the whole year is to be shown, then filter that period and click on "Display".All time tracking from this period is now listed.

The displayed time tracking can be exported as an Excel or CSV file.

If time tracking is to be entered manually afterwards, this can be done via the corresponding button.

If the period is filtered and you want to confirm all time tracking, click on "Confirm all in period".

Confirming the time tracking just means that employees can no longer edit their own time tracking.

The time tracking shows:

  • the name of the employee

  • the working area in which time tracking took place

  • date of time tracking

  • start and finish times

  • duration of time tracking (gross)

  • break duration

  • duration (net, without breaks)

  • who tracked the time

  • status (confirmed or unconfirmed)

  • action (blue gear icon = edit time tracking, green tick = confirm time tracking, yellow note field = add note)

If breaks were logged automatically in the location, these can be displayed and selected. For apprentices under the age of 18, it is very helpful if the automatically deducted breaks are different from those employees over the age of 18.

You can click on the pen to add or deselect the breaks.
(included in the premium package)

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