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Adding a new employee - a checklist
Adding a new employee - a checklist

6 things you should add when you create a new employee profile.

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When you have added a new employee, you should make sure all the important data is stored in their profile.

✅ Email address

You should always add an email address to be able to invite your employee later, so they have access to their roster, times, absences, and they receive notifications of important changes.

✅ Target hours

The target hours form the basis for the calculation of vacation and overtime. Make sure that you always enter the contractually agreed working days and hours.

✅ Holiday entitlement

To use the absence type "vacation", you must first create a holiday entitlement.

✅ Start of payroll

With "Payroll starts at“ you define from which date Papershift starts calculating the hourly account. This can be the date they start at your company or the date you started working with Papershift.

✅ Starting balance

If you create an employee who already has minus or plus hours, enter these into the starting balance.

✅ Holiday calculation

Not every employee automatically receives hours credited on a public holiday, so define under "Holidays" how the calculation for this employee should be.

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