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What happens when you change the amount of users in your account?
What happens when you change the amount of users in your account?

The adjustment of your Papershift subscription will result in a new contract, with a corresponding contract period.

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You can create new employees until the booked quota is used up. If you want to create more employees after that, you have to increase the quota first.

IMPORTANT: If you increase or reduce the contingent, you will trigger a new invoice. This means that the new booking creates a new contract period of one year or one month (depending on the type of subscription). The remaining credit will be deposited in the customer account and will be offset against the subsequent invoices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Adjusting the quota

Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner β†’ Subscriptions/Addons β†’ Customize

Adjusting the quota of of your subscription

Here you can select the number of employees you want.

New booking system

You may see a different view than what is shown above. Customers who have been switched to our new booking system will see the following form for adjusting the number of employees and package:

Adjust number of employees in account.

Here you can specify how many licenses (employees) you need, which package is the right one and which additional add-ons you want to book.

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