All employee absences from the current location are collected in the absence index and can be confirmed or denied there as well.


Absences index


All the columns can be sorted with the two arrows next to the headings.
There are empty fields below the headings; type in there and a search will start.


See who the absence is for. As an admin, you can also add absences for your employees.


There are several types of absences that are calculated in the records differently.

Start & End

The time range of the absence


The hours indicate for how many paid hours the employee is credited relating to the absence in this time period. The hours are also marked in the records.


If vacation days are deducted from the holiday entitlement, this is listed in the column next to it. There should only be something written there if a vacation request was also made for or by the employee.


  • Meaning of the colors:
    - Green = request is confirmed
    - Orange = request is pending (open)
    - Red = request was denied

  • The name shows you who confirmed or denied the request

  • Scroll over the "i" with your mouse to get some additional info

  • If there is a small note icon you can hover over it with your mouse and see a message with the last note. All notes can be seen via the blue gear icon (in the actions column).


Open requests can be directly confirmed (green checkmark) or denied (red x) here. If the request does not yet fit, it can be edited via the blue gear icon. The round gray arrow resets a confirmed or denied absence to pending.

Add new absence

Depending on which absence types are added in the location settings, these can be used for the absence requests of the employees.
A new absence request can be sent via the + on the top right-hand side. Employees have a similar view and can also make a request for themselves.

Display only open or confirmed requests

Show only open requests

Click on the empty circle in the navigation at the top to see which absences are still open. These can also be confirmed right away by clicking on the green checkmark next to the absences.

Only confirmed absences are listed if you click on the circle with a checkmark in the navigation at the top.


There are two different export options available for the absences:

Exporting absences

If you want the employee absences to be exported as they are listed in the overview, the top option "Absences Export" must be selected.

If you only need the absences in a certain period, e.g., from the last year, please check the box "Set export parameters manually". Now enter the start and end dates. You can also choose whether you want to export all absences, confirmed absences, or open absences.

If you only want the holiday entitlement to be exported, select the bottom option "Vacations Export".

Then enter the start and end dates and click on export.
Now choose between an Excel or a CSV file.

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