To switch time tracking to "via iPad time clock" (this option is also shown for Android devices), the corresponding employees must be synchronized directly in the app. It is not possible to modify the time tracking method to "via iPad time clock" from a browser.

We can basically distinguish two tracking modes using the iPad time clock:

  • Single user mode:
    As soon as employees log into the time clock app, they will automatically access the employee mode to track their times. If the option "Employees can independently clock times through the app" has been activated in the location settings under the "Time tracking" tab, the time tracking method is automatically updated.

  • Organization mode:
    An Admin can log into the time clock app to create employees or synchronize existing employees. They can then click on their names to track their times.

Switching the time tracking mode through an Admin account

  1. Synchronization of existing employees:

  • When you log into the app with your Admin account for the first time and select the "Organization mode", you will first be prompted to enter a location to which this tablet should be assigned.

  • After completing this step, you will be shown a list of employees to be synchronized. You can now select the employees whose time is to be tracked via this tablet.

  • After clicking on "Complete", the time tracking method for these employees is automatically switched to "via iPad time clock".

   2. Adding further employees:

  • If you've already set up the app and wish to, for example, create a new employee, you must first enter into Admin mode at the top right-hand side (red tie with gear icon).

  • Then, click on the red button at the bottom right-hand side.

  • You can now choose between adding an existing or a new employee.

  • After adding the employees, their time tracking is automatically switched to "via iPad time clock"

In exceptional cases, it may occur that an existing employee is not synchronized. You can spot this in Admin mode by clicking on the employee.

If you see a crossed-out cloud at the top right-hand side above the tracked times, the employee has not been synchronized.

Simply click on the crossed-out cloud to reactivate the synchronization. A regular cloud icon will indicate that the employee is synchronized again. This in turn means that the tracking method for this employee has also been switched to "via iPad time clock". 

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