Is there an important tag missing in the schedule? Are tasks supposed tobe specified for the shifts?

The tags can be recorded in different ways.

Option 1: No tags recorded yet

Use the mouse to scroll over a shift → now click on the gear icon int he left corner → now show fields for tags and notes → enter the desired tag → enter → save.

Option 2: Tags already recorded

Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of tags → now enter in the white field → enter the name of the tag → and press enter

The tag has now been recorded and can be used in all shifts.

The tags can also be recorded directly in the time tracking index(clock), the absences index (shield with heart), and the employee index (red tie).

Option 3:

If the tag is not supposed to be directly assigned to one shift, it can also be recorded in the settings.

Click on the gear icon in the bottom left-hand side (Location settings) →in the tab "Scheduling"→ now scroll down to the tags →click on the green button"Create new tag" → enter the name of the tag → save

The tags are first sorted numerically and then alphabetically.

The status indicates whether the tag is active, i.e. can be used in the scheduling, or whether the tag is invisible.

The title of the tag can be edited with the blue gear icon. 

The green button hides the tag. Past time tracking and shifts are then stored.

The tag is deleted with the red"X" button. 

What are tags and what can they be used for? You can find the answer here.

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