If an employee has left the company, the employee profile can be removed.

How do I delete the employee profile?

Click on the red tie to the left → then on the far right in the row with the employee name → then click on the red garbage can 

If there is no red garbage can next to the employee name, then he has, for example, Admin, Owner, or Super-Admin authorization. To be able to delete employees with these authorizations, please remove the authorization and give him the role of employee again.

What happens if I delete an employee?

If you delete an employee all their data are gone.

Before doing so, make sure you export the data:

  • Time tracking
  • Absences
  • Payroll
  • Records

Take screenshots when necessary:

  • Target hours
  • Employee data

 In addition to deleting an employee, he can also alternatively be deactivated or archived.

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