Once you have created the duty rotas and shifts, you can start filling the shifts with employees.

There are several ways to assign employees to shifts:

Option 1: Assign several shifts to one employee

You assign several shifts to one employee in this type of shift assignment.
Click on the respective employee in the left column.
The name of the employee will now become orange and the shifts can be assigned with a simple click. 

If the shift has been filled, it will become green.
You confirm the assignment of the shifts by clicking on the employee's name again.
Additionally, the planned hours in the current week are displayed next to the name of the employee.

Option 2: Assign employees to specific shifts

You can also assign explicit shifts. To do so, click on the respective shift.
The assignment window will open now and you can select an employee from the available personnel.
By clicking on the employee, you can assign or unassign them.

You also have the option of assigning employees of other areas or choosing unavailable employees.

You can then save the changes you have made.
You can also use the "Save and notify" button to additionally send a notification to all the employees that will be affected by your changes to the current shift.

Another option is sending a link to the respective employees so that they can either assign themselves to a shift or apply for one.

Option 3: Recurring assignment

To assign recurring shifts to one employee, simply click on the shift at which the recurring assignment is to begin and select the respective employee.
Around arrow will now appear in the left column beside the employee's name. 

By clicking on the arrow, all future shifts of this recurrence will be assigned to the employee.
Subsequently save the changes and the recurring assignment is complete.

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