Tags can be used for actions, filters, and a few other actions. One can "tag" working times, tasks (included in the task module), and tracked times. The tag function allows different information to be stored repeatedly in the shifts. 

What can tags be used for?

  • Spatial planning, course planning, vehicle planning
    If a recurrence should have additional info, then this can be stored via the Papershift tag function, and then assigned.

  • Recurring tasks
    Tags can also be used to give the employee information about different tasks, for example for use in catering: every Monday, a tag saying "Wash aprons" can be attached to the shift.

  • Employee qualifications
    You can also use tags to store special skills that your employees have. In the teaching sector, for example, you can differentiate between English teachers and French teachers. Of course, you only want to assign people who have the respective skills (included in the premium package).

  • Wage type filter
    You can also use the tags to better filter wage types. If you are, for example, standing in for someone and get more money for a shift, then you can place the tag "Substitute". (Included in the payroll add-on)

Where can I create tags?

  • In the employee profile
    Click on the red tie and then on the name of an employee, then enter an employee skill under "Tags".

  • In the duty rota
    Both in the shifts and also in the tag choice on the top right-hand side.

  • In the location settings
    In the "Scheduling" tab.

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