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Employee limit reached - increase number of employees
Employee limit reached - increase number of employees

When the number of booked employees is reached, you need to increase the employee licenses to be able to create more employees.

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Papershift subscriptions can be adjusted to the exact number of employees in your company.

As soon as the number of employees of the current contract is reached, a corresponding message will be displayed directly below the field with which you add a new employee.

If you want to add a new employee to your account, you must first increase the number of employees

Adjust employee contingent

Adjusting licenses in Papershift

Click on the Papershift logo at the top left → Upgrade.

Here you will see all the packages you have currently booked, with the corresponding number of employees. To increase the number of employees, click on the "Customize" button. Now a new window opens, where you can select the desired number of employees under "Quantity".

IMPORTANT: Please note §4 para. 4 of our GTC:

"If a Customer performs an upgrade or downgrade enabled by Papershift from one service package to another, this shall be construed as the premature termination of the current Subscription to a service package and the immediate subsequent Subscription to a new service package by the Customer by mutual agreement. Subsection (3) shall apply accordingly, under the condition that the Customer places his offer by clicking the “Payable Subscription” button."

Any existing credit balance at Papershift will be offset against future amounts.

It's also best to take a look at our articles on "Deleting employees" and "Deactivating employees", you may be able to make a few employee licenses available in this way.

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