If you have already sent or received messages, these will end up directly in this area.
Do you want to know more about messages?
We show you in this article how to create messages and what you should be mindful of:

Send messages

Click on the envelope in the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

Via the "Actions" button, you can now choose whether you want to send a message to employees (individual employees or all employees) or to working areas (all employees that are assigned to the selected working area).

Select the recipient, enter your message in the entry field, and add an attachment if desired.

The message is sent when you click on "Complete".

Filter/see messages

If you send a message it will be displayed in the message board:

If you want to filter the messages according to working areas, use the red button "Working areas" on the top right-hand side.

Simply place a tick next to the respective working areas and click on "Display". Only the messages from the selected working areas will be displayed to you.

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